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Dedicated to the reduction of 1% of cancer patients around the world

We believe that innovative medical treatments should be aimed towards non-invasive and effective treatment methods. To reduce pain and accelerate the recovery process, we aim to use physical methods to promote self-immunity and provide strategies that help assist in other treatments. We believe this is currently the best solution that is most beneficial to patients.

"Every disease is individualized, they do not always follow the standards set by humans, nor do they evolve from a fixed model"

Hence, to have both flexibility and scalability in the treatment design, it is necessary to focus on the nature of each disease during the treatment process.

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Panel Carratelli: FREE Duo systems

* Oxidative Stress (OS) refers to when an organism is subjected to various harmful stimuli, and the body produces too many reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species (RNS), exceeding the limit which antioxidants can eliminate. This leads to an oxidation imbalance in the body and abnormal aggregation of inflammatory cells, resulting in tissue damage and increased susceptibility to developing chronic diseases.


Panel Carratelli: FREE Duo systems Made in Italy

The No. 1 leading brand of oxidation testing equipment, with 25 years of international sales, and 1,000 clinical journals published. Our products are designed and manufactured specifically for the assessment of oxidative stress. We can effectively assist doctors and medical laboratory scientists by keeping them up to date with the latest data and treatment benefits from scientific research.
The main feature of our product is the "Double-target detection" reading method, it has the ability to perform two analyses at the same time. Similar to the d-ROMs and BAP test, one group is used to evaluate the pro-oxidant status, whilst the other is used to evaluate the antioxidant status. In addition to providing accurate, fast, and easy diagnostic methods, FREE Duo is also equipped with data management, automatic filing, and report printing functions, which can be used in human, veterinary, and agricultural food fields.
  • Test Items:Blood glucose level, triglycerides, anti-oxidants, pro-oxidants, uric acid, microbial infection.

Test Report Double-target detection
Test Reagents 13 Types

SANAKIN® Made in Germany

This is a medical immunology technology from Germany. It is an anti-inflammatory serum treatment that restores our immune system by balancing the human cytokine response. Since chronic inflammation can cause damage to the tissues as well as accelerate aging, targeting this response can help to reduce damage to the body.
Indications Hair loss, skin disease, arthritis, vaginitis

Hair Papilla Regenerative Therapy (HPR)

HPR is a treatment that can balance the immune response of hair follicle tissues. It can also regulate the environment for the development of healthy hair follicles. The main mechanism involved in this treatment is by increasing the concentration of autologous IL-1Ra to prevent and block the proliferation of inflammatory cytokines (IL-1α and IL-1β). Studies have shown that after three months of treatment, it can effectively reduce inflammation of dermal papilla cells, promote strong hair roots, reduce hair loss, and restart hair follicle regeneration.
Indications Hair loss after childbirth, menopausal hair loss, androgenetic baldness, high oiliness, hair loss due to stress


APPLIMED-O2 Made in Germany

IOT oxygenation therapy has 26 years of clinical experience in Germany, and it is mainly used to stimulate the proliferation of eosinophils by increasing the pure oxygen available in the blood. This effectively reduces the body's dietary inflammation index, maintains immune balance, and enhances the body’s antioxidant effect. It also strengthens the defense mechanism of the body's immune system.
Indications cardiovascular system diseases, autoimmune diseases, allergic inflammation, fatigue, sleep disorders, hepatitis, nerve pain, decreased immunity
Multi-Laser Delivery System (MLDS)


Multi-Laser Delivery System (MLDS) Made in Germany

MLDS has 6 kinds of laser light sources and uses the photodynamic principle as the core treatment mechanism. It can be used for tumor and cancer ablation therapy. The device works by emitting a specific laser light wave through the photosensitizer and MLDS. When the two are combined, the photosensitizer will be activated by the laser light to kill harmful cancer cells.
Indications: Dermatitis, pain, decreased immunity, diabetes, poor metabolism, stroke, nerve damage, chronic kidney disease patients on long-term medications

MLDS - Product video

Clinical evidence: It can effectively stimulate the mitochondria to synthesize large amounts of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which has a synergistic effect on the treatment of chronic diseases.