Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

To support the protection of personal data and maintain the right to personal privacy, AASPL will explain to you the purposes, categories, and the scope and method of use of the collection of personal data by AASPL, as well as the related rights you are entitled to exercise. The purpose of this privacy policy and the disclosures below is to help you understand the personal data protection policy adopted by AASPL. If you have any questions regarding matters related to the protection of personal data, you may contact the AASPL customer service center, and AASPL will respond with an explanation as soon as possible.

■ The purposes and categories of personal data collection

In practice, you will be providing the following three types of data when you use the AASPL service:
(1) Active data: Personal data that you voluntarily provide to AASPL.
(2) Passive data: Data automatically generated by the system when you use the AASPL service.
(3) User data: Data that you share with or communicate to other AASPL users.

■ Cookie

For the convenience of its users, the AASPL websites may use web cookies to enable it to provide services better suited to the needs of individual users. Cookies are a type of technology allowing website servers to communicate with a user's browser, and may involve the storage of some data on the user's computer. The AASPL websites will also read information stored in the cookies on a user's computer.

■ The use of personal data

The personal data collected by AASPL that is sufficient to identify a user is provided only for processing and use by AASPL internally in accordance with the purposes of its collection. AASPL will continue to retain, process, and use relevant information during the effective term of the Agreement and the period for which the information is required to be retained as provided by laws or regulations.

■ Data security

AASPL will maintain the security of personal data by employing reasonable technology and procedures consistent with industry standards.

■ Rights of the party whose data is collected

Users may log in to the AASPL website to search or review their own personal data. If your personal data has changed, or you discover your personal data is incorrect, you may request revision or correction at any time.
If you wish to delete any user data that has been registered with AASPL, you may contact AASPL by sending an email to the customer service mailbox, or alternatively, you may contact the customer service personnel of AASPL directly using the problem reporting form provided on the website. After receiving your request for deletion of personal data, AASPL will confirm with you by email and inform you of its receipt of your message, and within the following 15 working days, AASPL will delete the related data to the greatest extent possible (with the exception of data for which retention is required by a law or regulation, and data in connection with improper or illegal use).

■ The right to amend the privacy policy

AASPL is entitled to amend this privacy policy and the related disclosures at any time, and may subsequently publish the amendments on an appropriate location of the AASPL website without giving individual notifications. You may at any time review the amended privacy policy and related disclosures on the AASPL website.

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