Manufacturing and Development


Biomedical technology, manufacturing high-quality functional products

Using technology to manufacture high-quality functional products Nowadays, people demand for supplements that are medical grade, natural, chemical-free and side effect-free. Through the use of patented pharmaceutical technology, we have developed a series of functional health products aimed at ''delaying aging'', ''disease control'', and ''disease prevention''.

Pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing

We collected raw materials from the Fungus Research Center (ranked No. 1 in Taiwan) that has 25 years of research on 5,600 kinds of mushrooms. To evaluate the effect of these raw materials, we assigned a doctor of pharmacy to investigate the efficacy (pharmacological activity) and discrepancy (synergistic effect) of these materials, as well as the safety considerations for clinical testing. The establishment of DAG’s raw material development system for the prevention of chronic diseases to effectively control the quality of products produced from the factory.

OEM/ODM Functional health supplement manufacturing process

Customized development
Functional and safety test report
Process production
In order to achieve the highest quality and specifications, we comply with GMP specifications for food and health products and have implemented the pharmaceutical grade PIC / S GMP plant process in manufacturing our products.

Raw materials and culture processing environment

Disinfection and growth of fungal
Disinfection and growth of fungal
hyphae culture environment
Hyphae culture environment
smart control environment
Smart control environment

Storage, separation, and breeding using optimized cultivation techniques

Patented production technologies, top in the industry

Testing Process

To carry out molecular activity analysis and high activity enhancement research, additional techniques such as using component separation analysis (thin slice chromatography (TLC), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), liquid chromatography in series with an ultraviolet spectrometer (UV), diode array detector (DAD) and mass spectrometry (LC-ESI(+)-MS/MS) are required. Mass Spectrometry (LC-ESI(+)-MS/MS), uses polarity differences to extract, separate, and purify the target until a pure compound is obtained. This compound is used to perform molecular structure analysis and a database is established for data management.
*Pharmaceutical-grade mushrooms undergo pharmacological analysis of the entities and active compounds, toxicology and animal model verification, followed by pre-clinical trial research.

molecular structure analysis
database establishment

Research Center-277 species of mushrooms

Fungal Strain
Fungal Strain
rotary evaporator
Rotary evaporator
hyphae detection
Hyphae detection

Research on healthy ingredients

By utilizing pharmacological principles, synergistic effects can be implemented in the development of products. In addition, information from scientific experiments, efficacy and numerical performance reports, as well as our complete tracking evaluation plan all contribute to our established chronic disease prevention research system.

Production of safe and reliable products

Medical grade high-performance health food

Through the analysis and research of mushrooms (source identification, component separation analysis, pharmacological activity), the development and preservation of medicinal mushrooms have been made possible. Not only are these medicinal mushrooms produced from native species of mushrooms, but they are also of a high economic value. In order to screen the medicinal grades with the highest activity, we have examined DNA molecules and core markers from thousands of DNA databases that we own. Identification of native or rare species of mushrooms is performed to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the product.

  • A.Colonial morphology

  • B.Targeted Sequencing


Mushroom culture process

Wild Antrodia cinnamomea

Observation of the cultured bacteria
(front and back)

Antrodia cinnamomea culture appearance

Final product

Inhibition of tumor growth by EAC in the Nude Mice Model

The overall value of cholesterol\triglycerides decreased