About Us


Be the change you what to see in the world

The products we distribute are targeted towards four main areas: esthetic medicine, cell regeneration, disease prevention, and disease therapeutics. We also retail medical equipment related to these categories. We have built a strong set of core competencies based on collaboration between industry and academia. This is to ensure that Doctors can receive products that are safe and effective based on clinical and scientific data.


As a leading pharmaceutical organization, we are fully committed to developing our brand globally. We also distribute medical, health and well-being products worldwide to a wide range of medical professionals and experts.


We cooperate with hospitals to provide new drug research, publish SCI Medical Journals, and participate in International Medical Conferences.

Company strengths

Our Vision

Our vision is to guide people through the aging process while maintaining their vitality and their quality of life.

Our Mission

We only create products that benefit humanity.

Core Values

Over deliver and exceed customer expectations.
Establish a long-term trusting relationship with customers.
Empathize with our clients, understand their needs, and solve their problems.

Our services

1. Provide high-quality, innovative products that are unique in the market.
2. Support doctors, improve their skills, and expand their knowledge in the medical field.
3. Enhance the reputation of doctors, helping to establish patient trust.

Drug Delivery System (DDS)

This involves the application of the company's patented drug delivery technology to our business development projects. DDS has highly adaptive small molecule transport properties, including patented NDS skin penetration system and water-soluble permeability and absorbability enhancers. DDS transmission technology is mainly used in the cutaneous transmission of products, which improves local skin penetration and avoids the first-pass effect. It is safe to use and can achieve adequate penetration of products through the skin.

Skin Research Center

We have introduced clinical experience and technology in the treatment of burns and scalds for the development of mesenchymal stem cells products. These products involve stimulating skin keratinocytes to differentiate to meet the needs of skin anti-aging.