Our mindset and actions involve placing the interests of our patients first. From research to manufacturing, we aim to maintain a serious attitude, focusing on the details, quality control, and final goal of the process.

High-quality products

By utilizing pharmacological principles, synergistic effects can be implemented in the development of products. In addition, information from scientific experiments, efficacy and numerical performance, as well as our complete tracking evaluation plan all contribute to our well-established chronic disease prevention research system.

Four Main Areas of Business

The products we distribute are targeted towards four main areas: esthetic medicine, cell regeneration, disease prevention, and disease therapeutics. We also retail medical equipment related to these categories. We have built a strong set of core competencies based on collaboration between industry and academia. This is to ensure that Doctors can receive products that are safe and effective based on clinical and scientific data.

Autologous serum cytokine proliferation therapy

""Autologous serum cytokine proliferation therapy" is a serum therapy that utilizes autologous blood. It utilizes blood separators, blood anticoagulants, calcium chloride, etc. which are very safe to use. Since it does not involve the direct use of cells, the main advantage is that it can easily meet the regulations required for clinical use by Doctors. It can be used alongside other similar anti-aging and medical beauty products that are currently available.